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Oil Lube Service w/FREE Car Wash $41.99

High Mileage Oil Change w/FREE Car Wash $58.99

Synthetic Oil $68.99

Air Filter Replacement Varies

Fuel Injection Service $59.99

Internal Engine Flush $49.99

Radiator Flush & Fill

  • Standard Coolant $59.99

  • Dex-Cool Coolant $89.99

Power Steering Flush & Fill $39.99

Battery Replacement Varies

Gas Filter Replacement $49.99

Transmission Service $79.99

Differential or Gear Box Service

  • Standard $29.99

  • Synthetic $39.99

Replace PCV Valve $6.99

Replace Serpentine Belt $69.99

Lucas Oil Stabilizer $17.99

A/C Service                    $34.99 + $40.00/lb

Engine Tune-up             4cyl $49.99, 6cyl $59.99, 8cyl $69.99


We use the most advanced vehicle software available to keep your car up to date.  With our Carfax reporting your lube history is automatically updated.  This can be valuable to you when it comes time to sell your vehicle.